Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My favorite month

I think May is my favorite month. May brings flowers (once the April showers let us go). May brings warmer weather and more sunshine. In May of 2006 I married my amazing husband. I still get butterflies when his hand reaches over to grab mine from the driver’s seat. I still blush when he compliments me. I feel like a schoolgirl when I get ready to go out on a date with him. Even though those dates look much different than the dates we went on 6 years ago! In May of 2010, I celebrated Mother’s Day by delivering my sweet Lennon-boy. Though labor started 50 hours earlier, Lennon held out to give me the greatest Mother’s Day gift I could have ever imagined. He is truly the light of our lives. One of those sweet little grins paired with his vibrant blue eyes melts me every time. Forget the alarm clock I much prefer waking to “mum-mum-mum-mum” coming from the next room.

Last night, Josh and I sat in the living room floor after Lennon had gone to bed and we were cutting and hot-gluing on cardstock. It took me back to May of 2006. I have often joked that Josh helped me glue 1000s of flowers onto the cardstock programs for our wedding “back when he used to like me.” I guess he still likes me.

Yep, May is my favorite month. So many happy things to celebrate. This weekend may not be my first Mother’s Day, but it will be the first Mother’s Day I will celebrate as a mother that did not involve giving birth. For that I am thankful!